Background Check

An interview process may only reveal to you the qualifications, skills and ambitions of a candidate; however, further due diligence should be exercised to know what you are getting. With the job market getting competitive by the minute, some individuals resort to “harmless” enhancing or tweaking of information presented on their resumes in order to get ahead. This could include anything from posting fake qualifications to inflating experience and even withholding information about sensitive yet material information.

Making background checks on potential hires has manifold advantages for an organization. One of the primary benefits is that it saves the business a considerable amount of money, time and resources that are spent in order to fill the position. It helps in effective hiring, which automatically does away with the need to fire employees later upon uncovering the truth. It also aids the assessment process wherein it can easily be judged whether the candidate will be the perfect fit for the post as well as the organization or not.

KRG believes immensely in the power of this great risk management tool. Thus, organizations can be assured of the fact that a background verification is done on every candidate recommended by the KRG team. At KRG, it is routine to run a background check on each candidate present on our database. We also verify the credentials of those whose information is presented to us by organizations partnering with us for recruitment outsourcing or other recruitment functions. Well-versed with the laws on background verification, we bring to your information on the following aspects from credible sources while being mindful of confidentiality:

  • Employment history of the candidate as well as any character certificates possessed from previous employers.
  • Reference checks from past employers, educational institutes, neighbours and ex-colleagues.
  • Educational qualifications and any additional certifications or skills claimed.
  • Investigate whether the candidate has a criminal record and is/was ever involved in any criminal or civil lawsuits.