Why Internet Of Things?

The IoT market is currently experiencing huge growth and potential. The evolution of everyday products into intelligence connected devices provides a significant opportunity for IoT service providers. In order to accelerate your business and remain competitive, time to market for your products and services is the key.

How can the IoT transform your organization?

Connecting everything and everyone, IoT is making the world smarter and better than ever before. However, this is just the beginning. Unlocking the full potential of Internet of Things requires that business understands the opportunities for value creation and systematically address the underlying challenges.

The Internet of Things can deliver real benefits today in efficiency, customer experience, safety and new revenue models. To accelerate ROI, we take a pragmatic approach that supports the equipment and data you already have, leverage your current technology investments. Reduce complexity, lower risk, deploy faster – it’s all possible with KRG.

New Business

New business models in IoT means ..

A lot of smaller scale solutions can be new business models to your company but the large scale solutions will bring more payback and are obviously tempting. To do these we need to overcome our fears and to open up and co-create with other companies.

Improve Efficiency

Improving operational efficiency ...

The operational efficiency in the industry will increase when we eliminate the 7 wastes namely transport, inventory, motion, waiting, over processing, over production and defects.

Increased Profit

Using IoT helps in path to profit...

Addressing real time and emerging needs in a predictive manner enable recurring revenue along with increase in profit margin and reduce maintenance costs.

Service Offerings

KRG Internet of Things services enable organizations to transform business needs into competitive differentiators by delivering innovative IoT powered solutions. From integrating the right sensors and deriving inspired insights to choosing the best-fit platform, we provide comprehensive IoT services to our clients. We empower organizations to Improve decision making with augmented intelligence, Design, Develop, Integrate, Deploy, Manage, Test end to end IoT processes and Seamlessly integrate IoT solutions with existing enterprise architecture in both web and mobile environments.

We focus on helping clients to take advantage of IoT and derive new business opportunities from it. Our clients can benefit the most from IoT by leveraging their existing hardware, software, and investments through our support. We support businesses to adapt to IoT technologies while managing risk and optimizing their investments.

IoT Platform Service :

KRG’s IoT Platform Service is targeted at IoT service providers looking to offer connectivity management services to customers who would like to increase the level of control and margin on the IoT connectivity, or looking to expand their role in the IoT value chain. Our service is to achieve economies of scale and provide you with a faster time to market. Our IoT Analytics Platform, can help business leverage the information hidden in various data streams to improve monitoring, reporting and rule based actions. Our other IoT Platform Services offer cloud based network built to provide IoT specific capabilities including

  • Open platform architecture with end-to-end connectivity
  • Big data support and business intelligence
  • Multi-tenant architecture to support secure IoT resources efficiently
  • Secure, reliable, scalable and OTA firmware updates

IoT Security Services:

Security is commonly an afterthought when it comes to implementing Internet of Things (IoT), which puts critical organizational operations and data at risk. We believe you must put security first and assess, prepare and implement the right amount of security at the right places to safely deploy your IoT initiatives and achieve functional integrity and data security. IoT gives us the opportunity to leverage our assets and expertise from IT security into the world of operations technology (OT) to help reduce security risks and ensure your enterprise infrastructure and data remain safe, secure and private.

  • Review and strengthen your IT security and management practices to prepare for additional risk exposure. Provide the deepest level of network protection available.
  • Carefully select IoT hardware and software, understanding the built-in security posture of each element to realize, track and manage their associated features and risks. Then harden the devices and support components through regular patching and configuration management.
  • Establish and defend functional integrity at the edge with smarter edge architectural components, such as an IoT gateway and firewall, to enable protection from risks of less capable connected devices and legacy equipment.
  • Transition to active security technologies through security intelligence and advanced threat analytics for the IoT.
  • Protect data wherever it goes

IoT Application Services:

Cloud technologies, and especially application support to the cloud have come to play a critical role in the new age business scenario. We support robust and scalable applications built on AWS IoT platform providing secure data connections and interactions with AWS services and other devices. At KRG, we help our clients improve our customers business with better products and services including:

  • Requirement elicitation and analysis.
  • IoT application Development
  • Build/deployment and support for IoT devices
  • Analytics and support dashboards
  • Design flow and Implementation.
  • Native/Mobile application development with multiple protocols.
  • Application management and cross-platform support

IoT Integrated/Professional Services:

KRG helps you to connect enterprises and data to customers, employees and business partners, increased customer satisfaction, and transform your devices & enterprises into ‘Smart Devices’ & ‘Smart Enterprises’. We offer end-to-end integrated IOT consulting services that cover major industry verticals. KRG Professional Services team offers Integration of multiple Internet of Thing assets with different functionalities, departments and stages in product lifecycle and other services including:

  • ERP system integration
  • CRM and other web content
  • Architectural and implementation services
  • Mobile application and/or firmware development
  • SMS and email gateway integration
  • Customized project management.
  • PoC development, integration

LifeCycle Management Services

After launching a connected product or service, enterprises can work with KRG's experts for ongoing management of their IoT solutions and their data throughout the entire lifeCycle process. We manage and support to a large extent to ease the use of API, to manage the services, life-cycle management, Application management Cloud hosting, Remote infrastructure management and the related end to end connectivity. We help customers to explore, test and deploy IoT solutions that help drive business outcomes and accelerate time to market.

IoT Testing Services

The wide diversity of wireless protocols, hubs, platform standards and devices makes validating Internet of Things (IoT) device inter-operability a nightmare. But you'll rest easy with IoT testing from KRG. We offer industry-leading consulting, protocol and inter-operability testing across a huge range of IoT devices. We also offer QA support and testing services to help you with

  • Device lab testing (manual/automated)
  • Platform testing
  • Application automated testing
  • Device field testing
  • Mobile application testing.

Key Differentiators

Seamless Interoperability

Interoperability is a requirement, not just a benefit. Our IoT solution support helps with open APIs and SDKs for easy integration with virtually any provider.

Security Standards

Ensure your business is Safe & Secured for transactions and connections across eco-system with great security standards.

Competetive Edge

Automated Management Services and cloud enablement help to gain competetive advantage.

Digital Transformation

With all evolving technologies like Cloud, Containers, Serverless compute, cognito services etc. we help you thrive in the changing industry and offer support.

Proven ROI

IoT is proven to deliver measurable internal and external value. In fact, organizations that use IoT technologies will be more profitable.

Connecting People

Connecting people across the organization with the right information they need for work and thus increase each individuals productivity.

Tools & Platforms