Contingent Recruitment

The key for any organization to succeed and experience continuous growth lies in the effective execution of its strategies. While these strategies are formulated by top level management, their execution and results rest in the hands of individuals working in the entry to mid-level positions. This stratum of the organization is the key driving force behind the invariable success of a business. However, effectively filling out these positions is a challenge as they continually feature on every HR’s vacancy lists.

There are number of reasons which contribute towards the perpetual vacancy of entry and mid-level situations. These reasons essentially include the existence of a large number of positions at such levels, promotions and vulnerability to employee turnover. However, since these positions play a pivotal role in the sustenance of a business they too need to be closed with candidates who will be quality contributors.

At KRG, we find you the potentially qualified candidates by searching through our extensive database as well as tapping into our contact network. We bring to you a pool of highly qualified candidates who are potential fits and present you with the opportunity to handpick individuals for your team. Working with KRG on contingency recruitments offers you the benefit of:

  • Gaining access to a larger pool of quality candidates who may actively or passively be looking for placements.
  • Closing vacancies quickly, as our dedicated team works to fill multiple positions simultaneously.
  • Having the groundwork completed on your behalf as we extensively search, meticulously screen and short-list candidates.
  • Getting proactive follow-ups and continuous communications until a suitable candidate is finally selected.
  • Availing of the flexibility offered by the KRG team to take over greater responsibilities in the hiring process like conducting preliminary interviews, tests and presenting final candidates.
  • Enjoying the same level of commitment as expected of an executive search.
  • Being charged for only such candidates who are selected.