Contract to Hire (CTH)

The entire process to hire an individual on a permanent basis means spending a lot of time, money and resources on the part of a business. And yet, after several rounds of interviews, an organization may still not be able to decide whether the individual is befitting. Contract to hire offers a unique opportunity to employ individuals on a trial basis, and then after a thorough evaluation decide whether to hire them as permanent employees.

Contract to hire essentially means that an organization can take the liberty of employing an individual for a stipulated period of time, with a view to evaluate his abilities and ensure that he is a perfect fit, who can be engaged on a permanent basis. The contract period helps organizations assess candidates on a real time basis in their unique business environment on aspects such as talent, approach to work, ambition and adaptability.

KRG empowers you with candidates for contract to hire positions, so that you may eliminate inaccurate matches and absorb only superior talent. The KRG team collaborates with you to understand the particulars of the position and present you with candidates who are most likely to be absorbed by you at the end of the contract period. The contract to hire arrangement facilitates both organizations as well as candidates as:

  • Organizations can take their time to assess individuals in a dynamic environment, while candidates get the opportunity to understand the culture of the company and expectations attached to the position.
  • Organizations can benefit from the flexibility of being able to evaluate and absorb capable, productive candidates. Organizations can take the decision to hire permanently only when they find the individual competent enough and have verified the employee evaluation results at the end of the contract period.
  • Organizations can also gain insight into the personality of candidates and assess whether they would be an asset in the long term.
  • Organizations save investing considerable time and money on candidates not suited to their unique business situation.
  • Either party can choose to terminate the contract in case the arrangement does not work for them.