Bigdata & Analytics

Great Analytics starts with great Data Strategy. Data Strategy leads clients through a cost-effective, straightforward assessment and planning process. Data analytics is more of inspecting, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making.

How can data analytics add value to your organization?

Now that huge Volume, Variety, Veracity and Velocity of Big Data across every organization is reaching unprecedented levels, Big data analytics helps organizations harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities. That, in turn, leads to smarter business moves, more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers.

Decision Making

Faster, Better Decision Making...

Faster decision making with Predictive Analytics helps to analyze current and historical facts, and find relationships and patterns that can be used to predict future events. It allows you to get an idea of every possible eventuality, so you can weigh up the risks and the potential return on investment (ROI).

New Services

Customer needs and satisfaction...

The ability to guage customer needs and satisfaction through analytics gives more access to new services and opportunities.It focuses more on exceeding client's current needs and providing flexibility for the future.

Cost Reduction

Using cloud based analytics reduces your cost...

Big data technologies and cloud based analytics help identify more efficient ways of doing business and also bring significant cost advantages when it comes to storing large amounts of data.

Competitive Advantage

Gaining Competitive Advantage...

In the aggressive business world with growing economy to gain competitive advantage takes strategic planning, extensive research and predicting future trends to create an edge over competitors.

Service Offerings

Big Data Services:

KRG's Big Data Consulting Services help organizations to conceptualize and implement smart decisions to accelerate business growth with added value. Managing different sources of data and analyze as per need is big challenge with exponentially increasing data. Our Big Data Services make your experience easy by automating, monitoring and managing organization data effectively with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support.

Big Data Platform Services:

KRG's Big Data Platform Administration Services can enhance your Data Lake Experience to higher level. Our Administration Consulting services provides efficient Data Lake Environment setup and provide road map for futuristic Big Data requirements. Our expert group has strong technical background with Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR Hadoop and expert Administration in Teradata, Greenplum, Netezza Databases.

Our Core team can help tuning your existing Data Lake environment and manage workload efficiently. KRG offers platform engineers with specialization in the deployment of most complex Big Data architectures on sovereign infrastructures for hosting Big Data projects, to address customers’ large data volumes and enhance their digital data using Hadoop and MapReduce Our experts are here to support your success, and will provide the appropriate resources for your projects, calculation, storage and network.

Data Ingestion services:

As the number of IoT devices grows, both volume and variance of data sources are expanding rapidly. Making data ingestion for structured and un-structured data as efficient as possible helps focus on big data analysis. KRG's consulting group is pioneer in designing efficient Data Ingestion Process. Our Certified professionals can help build your Data Ingestion framework and operate effectively and efficiently.

Big Data Analytic Services:

Analytics in Cloud platform can ease the adoption of advanced analytic capabilities over the heterogeneous data sources, letting companies benefit from the insights derived from it. Our Service offering helps you in designing efficient Data Analytics for businesses to bypass upfront new capital costs and adopt new business process requirements easily. Our service offering supports cloud computing platforms for building, deploying, and managing applications and services with comprehensive and integrated analytics on multi-structured data.

Big Data Warehouse:

Data continues to become more and more important in the modern business realm. Data warehouses being multi-dimensional databases, where data drives decision-making across the organization, data warehousing can be really effective in producing Business Intelligence (BI) analytics. KRG's Enterprise Data Warehouse experts can help you Design world class modern Data Warehousing solutions and Build, Operate cost-effecive environments with High availability. Our Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization offering helps you with:

  • Automation with Extraction
  • Data Archiving
  • Self Service BI / Discovery
  • Transformation and loading (ETL) utilities
  • Datastore, Governance & Security Management
  • ELT Offload Architecture

Data Modelling and Visualizations

We in KRG, operationalize your insights back into your business processes. Monitor results with automated alerts, deploy predictive analytical models that score your data against intended outcomes or use decision optimization that tells you, at the point of impact, just what to do maintaining data efficiency, scalability and cost effectively. Digital insights driven business models are the truth of the customer-centric economy. We offer great expertise in consulting and supporting non-traditional, advanced data modelling and visualizations aspects to pull the real value out of data silos.

Business Analytics

KRG is a pioneer in business analytics consulting to gain data-driven insights that inform business decisions and optimize business processes. We support tactical, automated decision-making to support real-time responses & unforeseen events. Our consulting services support solutions used to build analysis models and simulations to create scenarios, understand realities and predict future states. We incorporate data science for data mining, predictive analytics, cognitive computing and deliver as an application suitable for a business user.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage the power of predictive analytics to derive real-time insights and reduce customer churn.

Cognitive Computing Analytics

Solve complicated problems without constant human oversight bringing high level of fluidity to analytics.

Next Gen Enterprise Analytics

Identify hidden opportunities, enable better decision making, and increase efficiency across all departments

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are enhancing human aptitude and capabilities promoting a unique culture of augmented intelligence. At KRG, we couple augmented intelligence with natural language processing, image analytics, video analytics, and emerging technologies like Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) to help businesses deliver impressive customer experiences and outperform the competition. We envision and develop the next generation of intelligent systems that can think, learn, create, and make decisions with their human counterparts.

Our Artificial Intelligence service offerings enable organizations to Idealize and Visualize solutions built for the future Deliver consistent and intuitive experience in real-time. We help companies define next-gen capabilities imperative for success in a digital-first world. Incorporation of Machine learning in business applications enables faster decision making, increased productivity, business process automation and faster anomaly detection. Our Machine learning offerings cover Development, Enchancements , Support and Managing Deep Learning, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Statistical Modeling and Supervised / Unsupervised Learning.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subset of AI where the systems can spot patterns and link it by analyzing chunks of data made available to it. Such systems does not require explicit programming, but use Big Data and sophisticated algorithms to learn how to perform the task by itself. Our service offerings provide Image processing and Vedio Analytics to retrieve relevant information from images and video content while reducing human effort and make day-to-day business operations faster, smarter, and better.

  • Face Detection
  • Scene Understanding
  • Object Identification
  • Person Tracking
  • Image Tagging
  • Optical Character Recognition(OCR)

Natural Language Understanding

Create custom APIs that leverage the ability of analyzing text to understand concepts, emotion, entities, keywords, metadata, relations, semantic roles, and sentiment.Focused on business challenges, we support transformation, modernization of supply chain, re-imagine life sciences, and let you breathe easier.

  • Conversational Interfaces/ Chatbots
  • Text Mining
  • Question / Answering
  • Speech / Voice Recognition
  • Information Extraction
  • Search & Retrieval

Key Differentiators

Domain Expertise

Big Data Domain expertise across multiple platforms and technologies with dedicated customer service help your organization with interpretation of actionable insights.

Predictive and Event-Driven

Enables users to anticipate opportunities and risks by seamlessly integrating predictive models and real-time event streams to move beyond the limitations of historical data analysis.

Fast to Actionable Insight

Instantly turn insight into action by enabling anyone to rapidly discover hidden insights and quickly collaborate in context

Visibility into the Unknown

Discovery unexpected insights hidden in Big Data and Real-Time Events to immediately identify strategic business opportunities or threats

Dimension-Free Data Exploration

Enables users to interactively visualize data without requiring predefined dimensions or constraints. In-memory data engine & Data on Demand capability uniquely enable users to filter & drill down to micro-level details


We are mission-reliable with unmatched performance and massive scalability, reinforced by 24×7 customer service and global domain expertise.

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