Why Digital Application?

Faster innovation, invigorating designs, enriched user experience to compete with today's accelerated speed of business.

Technology is radically changing many aspects of daily life, as the digitization of processes and tasks are transforming the way we bank, use transportation, monitor and manage our health, and leverage technology in the workplace.'Digital native' entrants in nearly every market are driving this shift. Digital transformation is being empowered by modern business process re-engineering and new application-centric cloud service models.

With the advent of digital technologies, business models and strategies are evolving at a pace never seen before. At KRG we are committed to guide our clients to succeed in this evolving digital landscape. Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of mobile and cloud platforms enables us to transform your legacy applications and provide business advantage in an agile manner.

Service Offerings

Application Modernization:

We help business leaders understand, envision and realize business transformation with our unique focus on mobility. From developing new revenue streams to recalibrating organizational structure and developing a customer-centric outlook, we drive the transformation needed to thrive in today’s digital age. Due to the advancements of applications and modern-day solutions, organizations now have the ability to upgrade traditional office methods and increase productivity and employee satisfaction. KRG enables better and faster access to information and decision-making data regardless of location or device.

Application Development & Maintenance:

Today’s technology trends and consumer expectations have increased the cost and complexity of application services. Our expertise spans the entire application lifecycle to elevate your digital future. Delivering feature-rich, secure and flexible business applications that perform as expected – everywhere, every time.

KRG as a custom web application development company can help you meet your business objectives and enhance the visibility and conversion of your digital web estate with its superior market understanding and unique perspective on web development solutions for the enterprise. Get the most of the web by creating smarter, faster and next-gen web experiences. We have expertise in building systems that bring data and process access to collaborators via websites, portals and content management systems. We bootstrap the development processes using our accelerators and solution frameworks in languages such as Java, C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript.

Enterprise Architecture Services:

Enterprises over the globe have been impacted by the digital revolution that has taken the business world by storm. To stay competitive in this changing environment, it’s become imperative for organizations to evolve their business processes and adapt to newer technologies like SMAC- Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud. Businesses across industries ranging from startups to Fortune 100 understand the tremendous business value digitization brings to their enterprise.

  • Social Media - Digital enablement across all social channels
  • Analytics & Big Data – Real-time customer engagement and analysis
  • Mobile – Enterprise data access on the go
  • Cloud – Achieve operational efficiency and scalability
  • Application Modernization

System Integration Services:

Modern web, cloud, mobility, IoT and other emerging technologies have created the need to evolve and continuously improve services and applications at an advanced rate. Our solutions apply business process analysis and user requirement assessments in an effort to align information technology with business initiatives. Allowing you to drive efficiencies of scale and accelerate growth. KRG not only leverages legacy data, but also integrates newer structured,unstructured data sources to bring the data into a form easily understood by stakeholders — enabling them to make more intelligent business decisions.

Key Differentiators

Agile Development

Quick response to changing needs, faster deployment, greater flexibility, continuous customer feedback and concrete results are the key services we render to our happy customers.

Faster Time to Market

Optimizing, streamlining development process and adapting to latest trends helps boost faster time to market with more speed, reliability and lesser problems.

Open Source

Evolving continuously in real time with Open Source give a better sense of practices, resources and tools to best serve your organization. Innovative & Flexible options are provided based on the customer needs.

Advanced Skill Sets

Domain expertise across multiple domains and platforms in enabling your organization to transform from traditional methods to new digital economy with complete dedication and excellent support.


Automate robust applications to help accelerate the speed of business and the delivery of new products and services by empowering end customers and others deeply involved in business operations.

Partnerships/COE's Vendors

Alliances and Partnerships with like-minded innovators and leading players in the industry powers the transformation of entire customer needs and experiences.

Tools & Platforms